My wife and I were first-time home-buyers with fairly picky expectations and all the jitters and nerves that you would associate with first-time buyers.  I am difficult to get along with at the best of times, and trying to buy a house did not improve that.  However, Leah and Abe Caruthers went above and beyond in their efforts first to find us the property we wanted, second to reassure us, and third to smooth the process as much as possible.  Not only did she find us a property that met our needs, but she went out of her way to find us that property, making arrangements and acting as a go-between to get us the best possible deal.  Once we were in place, Abe helped us get settled and the two of them went well beyond a simple business relationship to make sure we were comfortable and in a good place to start off.  Now, we are sitting in our first house, on our own land, and I would strongly recommend the Caruthers to anyone who's looking for a property in the Lampasas area.